Makemoney blogging. Top 10 Ideas to make money from your Blogs.

make money blogging
Blogging is a great way to make money. We all know that there are great potential to build a handsome paying career with blogging. We have unlimited opportunity to monetize our blogs. This article is a step in identifying top 10 ideas to make money from your Blogs.
We know what blogging is. If you are looking for a simple definition, “blogging means speaking out”. It is also called as weblog. There are various places that allow you to create blog for free. For example is the oldest and easiest of places to create your first blog. is another place to create your blog for free. When we are looking to make money blogging, we are not looking at these free blogging. We are looking at paid hosting accounts where you are provided a blogging script like wordpress inside your control panel.

There are many ways available to monetize your blogs. This article will help you identify those options and implement them.
1.Google Adsense
Once you have set up your blog,the first step is to join Google Adsense. Visit and apply for a membership. To get yourself accepted, your website must have quality original content. It also requires quantity. Any adsense expert will vouch that adsense simple seem to love content.Once you have content, you must improve the traffic to your blog.Without traffic, your application may get rejected.
So make sure you manage some traffic to your blog before you apply. Once you are accepted follow the instructions and copy paste the codes inside your blogs to begin earning from your traffic. Always respect TOS of adsense so that your account does not get banned. There is huge potential to earn money with adsense. It also helps you make money passively. There are many alternatives like Adbrite, Miva, Oxado but, adsense is the best. You can learn more from the articles published here are from our blog
2.Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate MarketingAffiliate marketing is considered as a great opportunity for bloggers. All you have to do is find the products that are related to your niches and promote these products. When you make a sale, you receive a handsome profit. There are great affiliate markets available online.You can use commission junction or clickbank to begin a career. There are many more affiliate programs available online.
3.Sponsored Review
Sponsored Review. This is a great opportunity for bloggers. This is also very simple. You write a nice review about a product or a service in your blogs and pocket a handsome fee for doing so. There are many review networks online like sponsored and pay per You can join and add your blogs to these networks.
They do have a good section of offers and you can bid on those offers. If you are selected you will be requested to write a review. There are some terms and conditions that go along with these opportunities like having the review in your home page for 24hours or more etc. If we follow the guidelines we can afford to make a handsome income using this opportunity.
4.Selling Advertisements
Selling AdvertisementsThis is also a very popular idea to make money with your blogs. You can sell the banner advertisement or text link advertisements personally or join those networks like that is allowing people to join and bid for advertisement spots. This is another great opportunity to monetize your blogs. There are forums and sites allowing you to sell ad space like digital point and sitepointforums.
5.CPM Advertising networks
CPM Advertising networksThese are networks that pay according to your page impression. There are networks that offer these opportunities. If you are having a blog with high page view this is a tailor made offer for you. You can simply join one of those advertising networks and place a banner in your blog. Simple Google search will give you a healthy result of these networks.
6.CPA networks
CPA networksCPA is more than PPC or CPM. Here you make money once some kind of action takes place. Usually you get paid once the visitor signs up. These offers do not involve spending a lot of money and when compared to Affiliate marketing this has the more chance of converting. You can use this opportunity to make a good income for you.
7.Monetizing your RSS feeds
Monetizing your RSS feedsThis is a good opportunity. You can monetize your blogs using RSS subscription. When a visitor joins your blog’s RSS subscription he will be sent a mail whenever an update takes place inside your website. Now, these feed will carry your advertisements. There are Services like Feedburner that carries your Adsense advertisements via Feeds. This is a great opportunity and you can use this opportunity to monetize your blogs.
8.Selling an ebook
Selling an ebookTo sell your ebook via your blog, you must have good dedicated visitors. If your visitors believe you have something to offer on the topic, the ebook will be a great success. If you have niche blog this opportunity is for you. Develop your rapport with your viewers. Create a base for an ebook. Provide great value to the buyers. This means you can continue selling a lot of ebooks successfully using your blog.
9. Consultation or Private coaching
Consultation or Private coachingIf you have a good blog, if it is based on a niche, well you have a great chance here. You can consult people and provide private coaching so that they understand the topic from your experience. There are blogs that charge over 100 dollars for a private membership. If your visitors consider yourself as an authority, you have a great chance here.
10.Sell your blogs
Sell your blogs10.Sell your blogs. Create a blog, create a good content,generate some traffic and sell is the concept behind this opportunity. Usually niche based blogs sells a lot using this opportunity. What you do here is very simple. You create a blog with some good quality articles, generate traffic by building good traffic and list your blog for sales. You can list you blogs for sales in Digital point forums, sitepoint forums and websites that allows you to list.
This opportunity is spreading fast among the webmasters. Quick bucks is what driving this market. As a tradition player, I just don’t like to sell my blog yet. But the amount of transaction that is involved is tremendous. One day I may also consider joining the bandwagon.
+ Conclusion
I have compiled a great list of top 10 options to make money blogging for you.But remember these are not the only opportunities that are available to you. Ihave set my sights already on compiling a list of top 100 ideas to monetize your blogs soon. Till then this will serve my visitors. Join our blog and forums and discuss the opportunities. From now onwards you can ask your questions in my forum under “Talk to webnoor” section. I promise to share all my secrets with you. Let us create a society of good bloggers who care about their visitors.

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